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Why become an Azllian?
We provide our employees a dynamic, professional environment bound by one spirit – The Azllian Spirit' – which makes Azllian healthcare Pvt. Ltd a great place to work. Our defined set of values and culture reflects our shared accountability for business goals, our aggressiveness in pursuing these goals, ways to achieve these goals and our adaptability in finding new and better products. We offer a host of career opportunities in all aspects of pharmaceutical research, manufacturing and marketing as well as corporate support functions.
It is the people here who bring about the positive difference in the quest towards achieving higher levels of growth and profitability in the years to come.


We constantly encourage our employees to raise the bar, extend the limit. Our people handle multiple responsibilities and stretch the limits of what is possible and what is not. We keep our people intellectually stimulated and give them the freedom to make their own decisions, instilling in them a responsibility to help in the advancement of both the self and the company. At Azillian healthcare Pvt. Ltd, there are several programmes offered to employees with opportunities to acquire and develop functional, people management and decision-making skills, enabling success at work.

Grow with Us

To us, our people are the key drivers of our success. Our commitment to training and development is a core value. That is why we invest greatly in training and development, both on and off the job, for the continuous enhancement of knowledge, skills and capabilities of our employees. As we grow, so do our people, developing new capabilities to take our business ahead.
We would be pleased to have your resume on file for any available positions and will review it should an opening arise.

CRISP: Chamaleon Regulatory Securities

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